A recent straw poll in Real Estate Business Online asked respondents: Are testimonials an effective tool for marketing? With customers embracing mobile and social media technology, it is a question that keeps coming up in relation to integrating with traditional and new forms of marketing.

At the time of writing, results showed over 75% of respondents indicated that yes, testimonials add credibility, while 17% voted that no, testimonials lack credibility and 7% were unsure.

The reality is that in order to attract new clients, as an agent  it is important to utilise a number of marketing devices in your toolkit, from social media to emails to having an online presence through web search such as Google. While a lot of attention is directed at the newer forms of marketing it is important to remember the tried and tested methods that have served agents well in the past.

Word of mouth marketing and a sub-set of this, testimonials, is cost-effective and can integrate with the more modern forms of marketing such as social media. In years gone by you might have encouraged your satisfied clients to recommend you to their friends in passing, now you can ask them to ‘like’ you on facebook or have them write a testimonial about your service that you can post on your website.

When it comes to writing testimonials there are many items to consider:

  • Ensure that your client is happy for their name to be included in the testimonial
  • Aim to generate a number of testimonials based on your different target audiences
  • Use a feedback form to generate specific responses
  • Ask for a testimonial upon completion of a successful settlement

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Source: Real Estate Business Online

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