Recently RP Data updated its Geo Spatial database to help us to create a new “geo-searching” capability.  The first search we’ve created is what we now call Dynamic Radius Searching.

Many of you will be familiar with the traditional radius search.  Locate a property and fan out 1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5 kilometers until you’ve found an appropriate number of comparable properties.  Then you apply a number of filters (“I want the houses, that are three bedroom that were sold in the past 6 months”)… that sort of thing.

The Radius Search Icon On A Property Record

Selecting a 5klm radius search

While this is a perfectly legitimate way to continue to search, sometimes it runs into problems.  What happens when there aren’t enough comparable properties found within the five kilometre radius?  What do you do?  Well until recently you couldn’t do much.

The good news is we’ve now added a “Nearest Neighbours” function to Radius Searching.  It’s really simple.  You request the number of properties you want displayed and our radius search keeps growing and growing and growing and growing until that exact number of properties is found.   Then, when you apply your filters you are far more likely to be left with an appropriate number of comparable properties that match your criteria.

It works like this:

  • I have found the property  that I want to use as the starting point of my radius search (the centre point)….
  • Now rather than selecting a 5km radius search, I continue scrolling down the Radius Search drop down list to select the number of “nearest neighbours” to the target property that I want my radius search to retrieve.
  • Now in metropolitan areas where housing is more dense, you probably don’t need to exceed requesting the nearest 10,000 surrounding properties.
  • Then once you apply your filters you will likely find more comparable properties than what you would find using a traditional 5km radius.

Select the nearest 10000 neighbours

Using Nearest Neighbours rather than a traditional distance based radius search can quickly locate tens of thousands of properties

Because the search is spatially aware, we’ve also added in this handy new tick box which can restrict your search results to remain within your suburb boundary.  When you’re looking for comparables and you don’t want to include results from neighbouring suburbs, this is a quick and simple way to trim your results so that only properties within the suburb boundary are displayed.

Restricting radius results to properties within suburb

Enhanced Regional Searching:

Nearest Neighbours search comes into its own when performed in regional areas, because the search keeps growing and growing and growing until the exact number of requested properties is located.

  • Locate your property record (the centre point for your search) then select the Radius Search icon.
  • Only this time, select the nearest 30,000 properties (your search at this point will likely cover hundreds of kilometres).

Then apply your filters….

  • I’m looking for the commercial properties
  • I’m looking for ones sold in the last three months

You can now perform searches that once upon a time you would have never thought possible. We think you’ll agree that Nearest Neighbours Radius Searching is an immensely powerful and flexible way to find more of what you’re looking for in the RP Professional property system.

Having spoken with many of our valued clients, advances in the way Radius searching are performed has been long sought after. We think we might have just hit upon a simple search that changes the way you think about finding and filtering for properties. Dynamic Radius Searching capability brings you the best of old and new together in a seamless search experience. We believe our Valuer and Real Estate Agents clients will appreciate being able to use Dynamic Radius Search to help them to perform more detailed filtering resulting in a larger number of comparable property results.


Please Check Out Our Video:

Watch our new radius search in action!   We’ve prepared this quick 3 minute introductory video to highlight just how easy and flexible our new Dynamic Radius Search is to use.

Follow this link or watch the below video.

Radius Searching Instructional Video

Our thanks must go to our dedicated Data, Development, Infrastructure and Product teams who worked so hard to create what we think might just be the next big thing in property search.

Thanks for reading.

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