Real Estate Agents are competing in a difficult market, with prices down and less overall transactions taking place. More than ever, they need to work harder to attract buyer and seller leads and to promote themselves in their farming area and on social media so that consumers notice them.

Agents need a way for consumers to find them when and where they research property.

1. On social media and friend networks: “do you know any good real estate agents in Bondi?”

Consumers are using social media and their friend networks to get recommendations of agents in their area. Where is your profile showcased?

Friend networks – word of mouth!

2. Via google searching: “real estate agent bondi”

Consumers will use search engines to search for property professionals or even to search for your name. Where will YOU rank in their search?

Searching via Google
Searching via Google

3. Via leading property research websites like MyRP Data: “how much did the house down the road sell for?”.

People looking to buy and sell property use myrpdata. com to search for property values and sale prices. Those hot buyers and sellers are likely to be looking for agents to work with. Are you on - property research – property research


Introducing rp.connect

Example rp.connect site for Matt Hammond
Example rp.connect site for Matt Hammond

Your Name, Your Profile, Your Brand

RP Connect is a personalised webpage that allows you to engage with buyers and sellers online, connecting popular social media networks into one convenient, easy to use application.

Getting Noticed with rp.connect

Consumers do their initial research online, and when choosing an agent to list their house, often the choice becomes ‘personal’ – do they think they can trust this person, and first impressions count.

The agent needs more than just a paragraph blurb about them on their agency website. The agents own branding and profile is sometimes just as important (if not more so) than their agency brand.

Showcase your Current Listings and Recent Sales
Showcase your Current Listings and Recent Sales

When a buyer or seller finds an agent, the agent needs to be able to showcase herself, her brand, her recent sales and current listings, her testimonials and featured listings. The agent needs to be able to make a good first impression so the consumers’ initial questions are answered – and then they need an easy way to get in touch with the agent.

Rp.connect gives you as agents a way to be found and be noticed. Establish yourself as the local expert and rank better in Google searches with this unique blogging and social media platform. RP Connect enhances your web presence and showcases your current listings, testimonials and sales success. It gives you the ability to showcase your brand and your profile.

Blogging Platform
Start blogging with rp.connect!
  • Showcase your success with current listings, recent sales and testimonials. Highlight to consumers why they should choose you.
  • Engage with consumers online through your blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Demonstrate your local expertise and give consumers a reason to choose you.
  • Secure your place on Australia’s leading property report and research site,

Choose from a Basic or Premium Subscription

Registration of a Basic rp.connect profile is FREE as part of your RP Data subscription, however you can take advantage of additional features and advertising options by upgrading to the Premium subscription for as little as $20 per month*.

Showcase your featured listings to attract buyer leads
Showcase your featured listings to attract buyer leads

New Premium subscription tools include:

  • Featured Listings, to showcase one of your listed properties and attract more buyer leads.
  • Customisable Lead Generation, allowing you to highlight some of the services you offer to find more buyers and sellers.
  • Gold Suburb Upgrades. Go for gold with enhanced advertising on Get the top spot in your suburb and get noticed! Each suburb is limited to two Gold upgrades only. Visitors to are highly qualified buyers and sellers who are researching and buying property reports – Get noticed!
Get noticed and stand out with Gold advertising in your suburbs
Get noticed and stand out with Gold advertising in your suburbs

Act now – differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd! Claim your suburbs and showcase your brand.

  • Basic subscription is free as part of your agency RP Data subscription
  • * Premium subscription is $20 per month. Payment is debited monthly from an individual credit card. It is not part of your agency RP Data subscription payment.
  • * Gold suburb advertising upgrades are $30 per suburb per month in addition to your premium subscription.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your rp.connect subscription and Gold suburbs at any time.

Simple to set up and easy to update

In less than 15 minutes you can be promoting yourself to thousands of buyers and sellers researching property online. Our easy-to-use tools let you customise the information in your profile, pick and choose what you would like to display and create a page design that matches your brand.

Ready to register your site now?

To activate your rp.connect site, log in to RP Professional and click on the Resources menu. The wizard will lead you through the setup process and your site will be live right away!

Activate your site now
Activate your site now

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