Distance yourself from other agents - Gil DavisHow are you different from all other agents? Why should a seller choose you?  If you’re like most agents, you probably have never actively thought about this. You’re too busy doing what you have to do to canvass, list, and sell.

In a busy market that’s OK, but when the market passes its peak and times get tough (as they inevitably do), and properties suddenly get hard to sell, everyone is going to feel the pressure. Only the best will survive and thrive; the rest will wither and perish. I’ve seen it happen a number of times followed by a mass exodus of agents! What will happen to you?

The secret does not lie in the basics. These are an absolute given for any competent agent, and realistically, everyone does much the same sort of thing through the listing and selling process. You have to find other ways of standing out, of distancing yourself from the pack.

It’s mostly about image and identification with a closely defined area, type of property, or group of sellers. To them, you have to be the ‘go to’ agent whom everyone recommends. This takes a lot of conscious and continuous work. You have to build complete and implicit trust that you will ALWAYS do the right thing by them, no matter the personal consequences. Everyone without exception (no matter how annoying they are) must be treated with full respect, diligent service, and honesty.

The mistake most agents make is tilting at windmills. They chase a sale in one direction, then another somewhere else. They never build the intense relationship that leads to consistent referrals. Create a distance between you and the second choice agents with a defined group and you will win through good times and bad.

Gil Davis is now a university lecturer, but for twenty-five years he was one of Australia’s most successful real estate agents. He wrote the top-selling book Sell for More, packed full of useful tips for agents, which you can purchase on-line through Harper Collins.

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