We’re pleased to let you know that with the most recent update of RPP, we’ve made three great changes to our Mapping!

1. Google Aerial Imagery now available

We’ve now incorporated Google Aerial Imagery into our Maps tab in RP Data Professional!

Previously, CoreLogic used its own proprietary aerial imagery across the country, but we acknowledge that in some less-flown areas, such as over rural centres, the imagery was often low resolution or out of date.

Now, you have the best of both worlds! Google Imagery is now the default aerial imagery when viewing Maps in RPP, but you can switch to CoreLogic Imagery over metro areas, to choose the highest resolution or the most current aerial imagery that suits your needs when conducting your research or analysing an area.

Google Aerial view in RP Data

2. Zoom Out Further

With Google Aerial Imagery, you can now zoom further out. This allows for a full view of large rural properties or larger views of suburbs or regions.

You can still turn on layers and drawing tools with the Google Aerial view to conduct research or analyse the area.


3. Layers Visible at Lower Zooms

In rural areas, or areas with a combination of large lots and towns nearby, in the Road Map view, you will now be able to see parcel boundaries and labels at higher zoom levels than previously available. This will allow you to view more details about the target property and surrounding areas for large rural parcels while doing research or analysing the area.


Support when you need it!

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