We’re pleased to advise that this week we have released a series of changes to both rp.mobile pro and rp.lister into App Stores.

If you don’t already know, here’s a brief summary of what these apps do.

rp.mobile pro: is a quick reference property tool for property professionals (Real Estate Agents, Valuers, Brokers & Developers).  It allows you to search for residential properties, display recent sales, past sales and current listings.  You may also click through to view property facts like: Government descriptors; Last Sale Price and Date; the rp.autoval estimated Property Value; current and previous Property Ownership information (in states where it is available); Property Sales History; Property Listing History; Comparable Properties (similar to the one being viewed); and Suburb Performance Metrics.

Main Menu

rp.lister: is a pre listings presentation and appraisal tool that helps real estate agents to present properties to vendors, making it easier to win the listing.  It enables agents to have five conversations with the vendor:

  • About the Agent:  Agent’s details, Recent agent sales; Agent / Agency promotional  videos
  • About the Property:  Present the vendor’s property back to the vendor; Detailed property appraisal framework enabling the agent to capture details of the property while estimating the current property value.
  • About the Market: Key market residential housing and units statistics for the suburb; The most recent 10 listings (the vendor’s competition); The most recent 10 Sales (recent prices achieved)
  • Price Setter:  A powerful game changing conversation where the agent hands the iPad to the vendor inviting them to position the value of their property in amongst the comparables that the agent has pre-selected;  We generate a suggested  listing price range based on where the vendor’s property is positioned.
  • Detailed Email Report:  We package the property presentation and agent captured data up into a professional PDF property report that can be emailed to both the vendor and agent.

RP Lister Engagement

Please Upgrade Now:

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Please Upgrade Your RP Apps

Upgrading to the latest version is safe.  Your current settings will be kept  (particularly important for rp.lister users to upgrade, not reinstall).

Please follow the Quick Guides which will take you step by step how to upgrade:

        Quick Guide – Upgrading rp.mobile pro in App Store

        Quick Guide – Upgrading rp.lister in App Store


rp.mobile pro Enhancements

Now used regularly by over 70% of the Australian real estate industry, rp.mobile pro has become the trusted source for mobile real estate information for property professionals needing fast reliable access to property facts when they are on the go. So what’s changed?

New Logout button: For rp.mobile pro, this was a maintenance release to add in a new “logout” feature.  Despite users previously never actually needing to logout of rp.mobile pro (it picks up where you last left off), it has been a much requested feature from agents to add a logout button.  So you asked for it… so we’ve now added it. You’ll find the logout button located in the bottom right hand corner of the ever so slightly modified main menu screen. After selecting ‘Logout’ you’ll be promoted with an “Are you sure?” message.  So if you’ve accidentally selected it, don’t worry, just select “No” and you’ll remain logged in to your current rp.mobile pro session.

New ‘Select Account’ Login Screen: Another little addition specifically addresses the needs of clients whose login is associated to multiple accounts.  We’re seeing an ever increasing trend for agents, brokers, Valuers, Investors etc to have their RP Data login associated to more than one RP Data account.  So now (if you are associated to multiple RP Data subscription accounts) you can select which account you wish to use with rp.mobile pro.  Then, when you want to change to use another account, simply select the ‘Logout’ button on the home screen and then log in again to the new account.


Freedom to move between devices: Thanks to the above login process changes, you are now free to move your rp.mobile pro access from one IOS device to the next.  The mobile space continues to evolve at an amazing pace. Not only is the Australian real estate industry massively skewed to using Apple IOS devices, but now we’re seeing agents wanting to regularly use rp.mobile pro on both their iPhone and iPads.  We’ll now you can! There is just one simple rule you need to understand if you’re going to using rp.mobile pro on multiple IOS devices…and that is….

  • Only one device may be logged in at any one time. 
    • The device you are using now is the active device…making your other device inactive (RP Data has logged the  other device out).
    • This allows you to move between your devices subject to logging in.

Only one device may be active at any one time.

Only one device may be active at any one time.

rp.lister Enhancements:

Login / Logout: The same login / logout process described above has now been added to rp.lister too.

  • If you are associated to multiple accounts you can now select your association as you login in.  When you need to change, you may log out of your current session, then login to a new associated account.

login ipad account

Select your account as you login on your iPad

The Freedom to move between iPads:

  • This change to the login behaviour on rp.lister also means you may now move rp.lister between iPads . This is useful in situations where a couple of iPads are shared within a real estate office.  Now each agent in the office can login / logout of the shared iPads to conduct vendor listing presentations.

The most recent iPad to login wins!

The most recent iPad to login wins!

Search Enhancements: We’ve made many enhancements to the search functions in rp.lister to maximise every opportunity to locate the properties agents may wish to present to a vendor. Individually these changes are each pretty minor… By putting them together we think we’ve enhanced the search experience and maximised every opportunity for you to find the right property first time.

  • List View now the default for Search Results:  When you perform a Vendor Property Search we now default to an ordered list view (rather than map).  This will order the properties within a building, making it much easier to find that the right unit number.

list view

  • Multiple Enhancements to Map View:  You may still prefer use Map view. Simply select the Folded Map icon next to the address bar (pictured above) to map your results.
    1. Enhanced Address Search to maximise property address results
    2. Defaults to using Aerial Map view – making it easier to identify the right building first time
    3. One map pin per property parcel.
    4. Pin head display units located in the building
    5. The searched property is defaulted to the centre of the screen and the Property bubble is defaulted to the open position.
    6. Scroll through the order list in the property bubble to locate the right unit number

Multiple enhancements made to Map View

Multiple enhancements made to Map View
  •  An exact unit address search should yield an exact hit.  Where we can, we’ll centre the property on screen, default the property bubble to open and default the property bubble to the unit number you searched for

exact unit hit2

  • Appraisal Framework Selections Updated:  We’ve listened to the feedback from Agents and Valuers and added many new selections into the appraisal framework.  These are too many to mention them all .  But suffice to say, we think there’s now a pretty comprehensive list of property features that will appeal to the work flows of both Agents and Valuers when appraising properties.  Once you upgrade, we invite you to please explore the many additions we have made to this section so that you are familiar with the options before you go on site for your next property appraisal.

appraisal Framework

Property appraisal framework now updated with many new property feature selections.

Thank You. Please keep your feedback coming:

Thank you to the many clients who regularly submit feedback through both apps.  It is your feedback which helps us to prioritise our roadmap of enhancements.

We have some pretty exciting enhancements planned for both apps early next year that will improve usability as well as leverage new data sets.  (Believe me, I wish I could say more :-)).


One last time….How To Upgrade:

Upgrade Now

Please follow the Quick Guides which will take you step by step how to upgrade:

        Quick Guide – Upgrading RP Mobile Pro in App Store

        Quick Guide – Upgrading RP Lister in App Store



Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards,
Lee Wade