With online services capturing a growing share of business in the mortgage broking industry, there is a greater need to show your clients what you can offer them that online lenders cannot.

When it comes to demonstrating your value proposition to your clients it naturally goes deeper than the choice of product you have to offer. With your rpdata subscription you can provide a range of value added services to your clients.

When a client is looking to re-finance you can prepare an rp.autoval (AVM) report for them within seconds to give them an idea of the property’s value. You can set up alerts for all your client’s properties with Property Monitor which will let you know when their property is listed for sale so you can engage them in a conversation about finance. In addition, you can also prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report for your clients to show them what comparable properties are for sale or recently sold in the local area.

A recent article in MPA Magazine about online services in the broking industry points out that you can separate yourself from online lenders with experience, expertise and expedience.

Providing a positive customer experience is something that only humanoids can do. Personally making your customers feel welcomed and valued. Remembering the anniversary of their home loan [via alerts] and looking after them well when they need your help.

Expertise can never be replaced by an online service – the human touch can personalise interaction and make it relevant to a customer’s needs.

Brokers can cut out the legalese and jargon of complex lending requirements tell you what you need to know in plain English, making the whole process expedient and tailored to a customer’s needs.

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