Great news for Property Managers, Sales Agents and administration staff – RP Data Professional now integrates with REI Forms Live / Realworks, allowing real estate professionals to pre-fill compliant property forms with property data from CoreLogic.

Delivering time saving as well as reducing data entry errors and re-work, the integration enables a more efficient workflow for sales agents and property managers allowing you to focus on the key task at hand.

To take advantage of the integration, it’s as simple as:

  1. Being a member of your state REI
  2. Connecting your REI Forms Live / Realworks account with RP Data Professional
  3. Single click from any property within RPP, to pre-fill your chosen form with property data from CoreLogic

For a full set of instructions on setting up the integration or read the FAQ’s, check out the landing page on, or watch the short video below.



  • This feature requires you to have an REI Forms Live subscription.  You can visit for more information and to register. If you prefer to speak with someone, your local REI office can assist you further.
  • REI Forms Live is not available in VIC or ACT.

We’re always looking to improve on our products and services, so I’d love to hear what you think about the integration, if it’s valuable for you, as well as additional ways it could be improved to be even better.