Identify those home owners most likely to buy or sellArticle by Gil Davis

You can’t miss the signs that the end of the year is approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax too soon.

Here are 7 ways to close off 2013 in style:

  1. Make sure you sell your remaining stock. Many ‘difficult’ sellers and buyers become more willing to compromise when they realise the year is drawing to a close, so it’s worth giving them an extra push. In my experience, the pace of sales gets quicker and quicker right up to Christmas Eve
  2. Follow up all remotely potential vendors. It is extraordinary how many think about selling in the holiday period. You want them to contact you if they do
  3. Push uncertain vendors to get a draft contract ready ‘just in case’ so you can take good buyers through ‘on the quiet’
  4. Contact your good buyers and find out if they will be around. You want people you can contact early in the New Year for those quiet listings
  5. Send out a comprehensive wrap-up of the year’s sales to all owners in your patch. This will confirm your local expertise
  6. Thank everyone important to you and mend fences. It is the season for goodwill and you should take advantage of it. Thank the solicitors, conveyancers, accountants, bankers, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, local Councillors, school, sporting and school groups, trades-people, and anyone who refers your business. Apologise sincerely to anyone you have offended (and resolve not to offend again)
  7. Reward yourself with a good break. You’re not a machine. You need some time off, and you will enjoy yourself much more if you feel you have done everything you wanted.

Dr Gil Davis is now a university lecturer, but for twenty-five years he was one of Australia’s most successful real estate agents. He wrote the top-selling book Sell for More, packed full of useful tips for agents, which you can purchase on-line through Harper Collins.


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