Online property agents for home buyersYet another breaking news story has appeared in Real Estate Online about a new online marketing and support system that enables homeowners to sell their property without the need for an agent.

The article has drawn a lot of commentary from many, not just agents. Most online tools provide limited support models, versus a supportive and motivated agent equipped with an abundance of property data, information and most importantly, local market knowledge. When it comes to a home owner selling their major asset, achieving the very best return for their property is of utmost importance. As one respondent commented: ‘A real estate agent, if worth their salt, will do a lot of prep work in a listing, such as running a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), to determining the market price in the area and will use an unbiased approach in defining the listing price of the property for sale, based on this and many other drivers.’

This sort of service is highly sought after and often hard to find in any online selling tool. So despite new websites being launched in the market on a regular basis, doing your preparation work on a listing, running CMAs, using your extensive database and ultimately acting in the best interests of your clients will win you listings and repeat business. Online selling tools may take up some of the market, but buyers and sellers will always be in need to a professional agent to handle their most valued asset.

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Source: Real Estate Online