The key to retaining your current clients is communication.  While the transaction side of mortgage and finance broking is essential, developing and maintaining strong relationships with your clients is vital to retaining their business  and growing yours.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of extra effort on your part. Here are a few simple ways to keep in touch with your valued clients and help ensure a successful relationship:

  1. Be easy to contact – Not everyone with a broking-related question has the time or energy to schedule an appointment, send an email, or even to make a phone call.  Having a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on gives clients an easy way to drop you a line when they need your help, and gives you a direct way to respond.
  2. Regularly update your clients with valuable industry information – As a local expert with your finger on the pulse, you can offer your clients important market insights that are relevant to their interests.  You can back these points with data and reports to guarantee their validity.  Some more general updates relevant to the local community can also offer a relaxed change of pace.  Try putting these updates in a newsletter or blog that you can make available to clients via the social networks listed above.
  3. Invite feedback and respond to it – Constructive two-way communication can help shape your business processes and improve client satisfaction.  Invite feedback from your customers and respond through the above social media channels as part of your regular workflow.  You may even want to consider conducting a short survey of your clients each year to gauge their overall satisfaction with the service you provide.

Once you’ve set up your communication channels, you can easily maintain them with an rp.connect webpage, which can also host your blog updates.  Setting up rp.connect takes only 15 minutes and could be the first step towards improving your relationship with your clients and increasing your business.  For more information, contact us on 1300 734 318.