What do unique visitors see when they visit your website?Once your website has been visited, unless you have interesting content and a reason to come back to it, your website won’t ever get looked at again.

Maintaining and updating your website can be a daunting task.

Who has the time anyway?

And what would you put on it even if you had the time?

The problem with most websites is:

  • we don’t update them,
  • we don’t know how to update them ourselves,
  • they become tired quickly, and
  • we don’t change them as our business changes.

It is important and necessary to educate your clients by setting up an ‘Education or Resource Centre’ or a download section on your website. Having a BLOG is also a great idea.

It will teach and encourage your clients to come back to it from time to time. HOWEVER…to get more people visiting your website you need to market to it as often as you can:

Create email banners that link straight back to your website.

  1. When you send out campaigns, make sure they link back to your website for your educational downloads.
  2. Offer your clients something for coming to your website – like entering a competition, invite them to subscribe to your magazine or download your information booklets and articles.
  3. Keep your blogs up to date and refer your facebook followers back to your website for a better education.
  4. Send your clients to your calculator page and encourage them to explore how much they can save and then call you to help them.
  5. Use QR codes to link paper marketing back to your website.

There are many ways to get your clients to engage with you through your website and social media.

You just need a plan and some good educational material.

Because after all…Your clients matter

Good luck!
Deena Janes
Managing Director
The 12 days of marketing by Your Clients Matters

If you would like to know more about educating your clients, contact Deena on 1300 926 000 for a personal chat.

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