All by myself
I don’t wanna be…
all by myself…

It’s hard to be sure…
Sometimes we feel so insecure…
Marketing is so distant and obscure…
What is the cure???

As a business owner it’s hard “doing it all…by yourself”.
Most brokers are one man bands or have only a few members in their team. So it is often hard to implement all of the ideas you have. It’s even harder to keep yourself “accountable” as we often buy our own excuses.

You promise yourself to do that one important task by Thursday of next week and guess what? –  Thursday arrives before we know it and it gets put on to next week’s list. The sad thing is that it gets transferred every single week and eventually falls off the list.

The problem with being accountable to ourselves is that we do buy our own excuses. “Well I had that big deal to get through. The kids were sick and I had to take a day off to look after them. The banks took extra long this time to settle that deal I had last week…etc. etc. etc.”

So how do we change this?
The only way is to diarise time in your diary for marketing activities that cannot be rescheduled.  Yes… they are booked in as a regular appointment each week – not to be moved.

Your Client Matters suggests that you need at least two hours a week working on your business, however most marketing experts would encourage you to spend about six hours a week!

If you have someone to work with, this can reduce the time you need to spend on your business as they will prioritise and possibly have marketing pieces at hand ready to use.

So, how important is this to your business?
If you spent two hours a week that lead to one extra loan a week, what would that be worth to you? 1 loan x 52 weeks at $2,000 commission? Isn’t that over $100,000 a year?

So if someone said to you, give me two hours of your time and I’ll give you $100k – you’d do it right? Then let’s do it now! Book 2 x 1 hour sessions in your diary every week now (or a two hour session each week would be even more productive) and start working out where you can spend that extra income.

If you don’t wanna be… all by yourself…you know who to call.

Good luck!
Deena Janes
Managing Director

PS: When you join our program you don’t need to be “all by yourself”…anymore. We assign you your very own marketing mentor who will call you on a regular basis to help you implement some of the most amazing marketing strategies for mortgage brokers and help keep you accountable to your business.