Show off your client success stories and build trust with potential customers. Show them why they should choose you – by using testimonials from your clients on your rp.connect site.

Testimonials help to build trust, credibility and authenticity. If you can show prospective buyers and sellers that other customers have had great experiences with you, it will help them across the line in making the decision to choose you!

Here are 5 key factors for successful testimonials.

1. Use testimonials from real clients
Ask satisfied clients for a written testimonial that you can share on your rp.connect site.  It helps build credibility!

2. Be specific
Testimonials should be short and to the point.  This will help you promote a specific benefit, or answer a specific question that potential customers might have. For example: “Mike of Perfect Home Loans was very valuable in helping me to decide how much I should borrow for my home loan.”

3. Address common concerns
What are the common questions that customers ask when choosing a mortgage broker? What concerns do prospective customers have?

It’s exactly these type of questions that your testimonials should address. They’re asking these questions in their head when they’re looking at your website, so if they can read a testimonial that addresses those concerns, it will be powerful in persuading potential customers to choose you.

4. Target the right demographic
Potential customers are more likely to relate to their peers and read what they have to say.

Are you trying to attract first home buyers? Then make sure you have testimonials from happy first home buyers. Is your target demographic empty nesters looking to downsize their home? Then quote your past clients in that same demographic.

5. Location, location, location
Don’t bury your testimonials in a hard-to-find spot on your website. They need to be easily visible if you want them to be read.  Showcase at least one on every page if you can.

Now you know what’s important for a good testimonial, talk to your past clients and start collecting them! Did you know rp.connect websites now have a Testimonials widget for you to showcase your testimonials? Click here now to find out more.