A recent online article in Broker News on Wednesday, 19 September 2012, “Aggregator: Women can make better brokers”, created a storm of comments from readers of differing perspectives. The article discussed the apparent imbalance of male to female brokers and highlighted the benefits a female perspective can provide clients.

It caused a barrage of positive and negative opinions in the Comments section which reflects the many differing views the industry has about this topic. What is obvious about this debate is how important diversity is on every level when it comes to client service in the property industry.

What suits one client won’t suit another. Clients have a greater propensity to shop around and every individual is drawn to different personalities and profiles.

This is where your rp.connect site can help.

RP Connect is a personal website that you can use to provide information about you and what’s happening in your area. It can be used as a blogging platform and a forum to discuss interesting facts about your local area and the property market. It adds personality to your profile by showing clients who you are, what your track record is and what your other clients think of you.

Creating an rp.connect page positions you as a local expert on myrpdata.com.au, letting users find you when searching for property information in the area. Linking your business Facebook posts, Twitter feed, Blog posts and YouTube channel to your rp.connect site lets you update and manage both sites from the one location.

Using rp.connect will also increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), meaning that when someone searches online for your name, or for the key suburb words you’ve been blogging with, this will bring your rp.connect site and Facebook into their search results.

Watch our video’s on rp.connect, how to activate your free account, how to Blog and more!

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What is rp.connect? from RP Data.