The Property Market is constantly changing in ways that are sometimes impossible to predict: out-of-cycle rate hikes, cost of funding increases and government policy changes.

Customers are wary of the impact of these changes on their property decisions and will consult the Internet as a first port of call to seek out opinions of local, impartial experts.

Establish yourself as the local expert by jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon.

Social media is a global phenomenon which will only become more important to your business, as it continues to become more ‘mainstream’ and next generation users become old enough to apply for a home loan.

RP Data makes connecting to social media easier, faster and smarter thanks to rp.connect, a personal website for property professionals that functions as a social networking hub. This site provides the means to instantly network with client communities through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more.

So how do you get started?

  • The first step is to set up a business page in Facebook and be prepared to add some topics at least once a week. This could be on interest rate decisions, local property hotspots, even unique sales in your area.
  • The second step is set up your rp.connect site, a personal website that you can use to provide information about you and what’s happening in your area.RP Connect can be used as a blogging platform and a forum to discuss interesting facts about your local area and the property market.
  • Creating an rp.connect page positions you as a local expert on, letting users find you when searching for property information in the area.Linking your Facebook page to your rp.connect site lets you update and manage both sites from the one location.Using rp.connect will also increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), meaning that when someone searches online for your name, or for the key suburb words you’ve been blogging with, this will bring your rp.connect site and Facebook into their search results.
  • Once you have set up your rp.connect and professional Facebook, you can start to report on what is happening in your local community.Keep it varied; include local issues and community events as well as property information.At least once a month use RP Data local statistics, as well as national statistics from the RP Data Property Pulse. This provides you with two weeks’ worth of solid property information.
  • Once you have your rp.connect and Facebook pages set up, it’s time to send out an email inviting your customers to “Like” your business page, providing links to both areas.The key is to update regularly. Offer some free opinions and reports to your contacts in your pages and updates. The RP Data CMA and AVM reports are perfect for these, as your customers would normally have to pay for this level of reporting detail from

To learn more about how to set up your social media platform, visit or call us on 1300 734 318 to book a training session.