Deena Janes from Your Client Matters talks about standing out in your local area and achieving great leads.

Most brokers have strategic alliances with Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners and/or Accountants. Although we know there are brokers who have an excellent referral strategy with these partners, most tell me that the leads from these sources are few and far between.

So what is “Local Area Marketing”?
It is about having regular communication with your local community / local businesses / area of interest, often enough and strong enough that your communication strategy allows you to stand out as the local expert in your community above all the other brokers in your area.

Local Area Marketing extends beyond those business already mentioned and can include all business owners and your local community.

But how do you do this? And where do you start?
Real estate agents and accountants are a great referral source to begin with, however I’m guessing you have settled many loans for other business owners as well. Right?

Think of the last business owner you settled a loan for? In fact write down the last 5 business owners you have helped with finance.

Let’s take a look at this. What do most business owners have? Staff. That’s right!

And what do staff have? Debt! AND family and friends.

Just in the immediate families of my own staff of nine there are 62 mortgages sitting there. Just think about that…

So wouldn’t it make sense to work hand in hand with your local business owners to help them and their staff with their finances? What sort of things could you offer them?

  • Buying their first home
  • Debt consolidation
  • Refinancing
  • Loan structuring
  • Getting their first (or further) investment property
  • Helping their kids buy their first home
  • Refinancing for their extension, renovation, pool or other need
  • Insurances
  • New car purchases
  • Financial solutions
  • Property reports

Getting started is usually the hardest part. How do you approach them? How do you start working with them? Once you have established that you will need a regular communication program to make sure your time and efforts are not wasted.

I have met with many brokers who have had coffees with business partners but business has not gone beyond the coffee. There needs to be a system of follow up established between both parties.

To generate any amount of regular leads it requires a consistent approach. To create a consistent approach you need a system driving the strategy.
If you are interested in finding out more about increasing your profile with the local community and working with new business partners then please call me for a few tips. For more information call Your Client Matters on 1300 926 000.

Thanks for reading this month’s tip, I hope you will use it.

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