Updating your details are an important feature for your professional profile when you are providing your client or potential clients with customised reports (such as CMA’s, AVM’s, Rental Reports etc). Your work contact details are automatically added to any of the report your create within RP Professional, therefore if you want your reports to be branded with your business logo, profile photo and contact information it is important that you keep this as informed and up to date as you need.

The steps are straight forward and as easy and A, B, C.

  1. Log in to RP Professional – https://rpp.rpdata.com
  2. Once logged in, click on the Admin Tab.

  3. Update your Personal Details and ‘Save’. Once saved, click on the ‘Work Details’ tab.

  4. Update your work details and upload a profile photo of yourself. Remember, the more details you update, the more will be displayed when you create your reports. Your profile photo will also be seen on your reports alongside your details.

Managing Your Personal Account Details tutorial video – Watch Now