Aussie has created a unique targeted B2B marketing campaign, where Australia’s top real estate agents (identified through RP Data) were offered exclusive partnership opportunities from their local Aussie broker.

The sophisticated video mail-out, featuring John Symond, enabled Aussie brokers to start conversations with real estate agents and create business opportunities with them by giving them invitation-only access to a database of pre-approved potential purchasers in their area.

It was important that Aussie only targeted the “best of the best” real estate agents, to ensure a premium service offering for its customers, and the RP Data list of top Real Estate agents is based on irrefutable sales figures.
The partnership is a winning formula, especially for the customer, who ultimately benefits from a full service proposition from financing their new home to having the best local agent/s introduce them to suitable properties in their area.

The early results have been extremely promising with over 1200 agents meeting with brokers and several agents approaching Aussie, who may not have received the pack, to find out if an how they can be included.

Contact your local Aussie broker for further information