Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and the list goes on. These are all very popular and can target specific segments but do these new marketing channels sell property any better than traditional marketing? What is traditional marketing these days anyway?

According to a recent article in Real Estate Business[1] traditional marketing still leads the way when it comes to generating home buyer interest. While is still relatively early days when it comes to the power of Social Media for property sales, there was a time when the same could be said for marketing properties on the Internet. Now the Internet is an indispensible tool for the property industry and few could imagine life without it.

The fact remains that there is still probably no single marketing channel that is the key to generating interest across all the generations of home buyers. Instead utilising a range of marketing tools in an integrated fashion from internet marketing to sign boards in front of houses to open-home-listings and social media will be more effective than just using one channel alone.

Here is where RP Data can help. If you have various social media pages already set up, or if you’re new to the concept, we encourage you to take advantage of rp.connect. RP Connect is a personalised website which you can use as a portal for all your social media pages, allowing you to showcase yourself – your profile, your brand, your success stories. Best of all it’s free to RP Data subscribers! RP Connect helps consumers to find you, find out more about you and contact you!

You page also has the potential to be promoted within our buyers, sellers and investors website, which generated over 40,000 unique visitors each month.

If you haven’t seen rp.connect in action, watch a quick 2 minute video on the power of rp.connect. Alternatively, book in for training with RP Data and learn how to set up your Social Media platform, visit or call us on 1300 734 318.


[1] Real Estate Online, Traditional Media Attracts Most Buyers




What is rp.connect? from RP Data on Vimeo.