RP Property Monitor is a powerful tool for any property professional wanting to monitor properties of interest. Those that are using it, are loving it, and are building up a valuable list of property alerts and anniversaries. Among those property industry groups using this feature, mortgage brokers are still on top helping them protect their trailing commissions. Real Estate Agents are a close second as they like to keep an eye on the happenings in their market or watching their mortgage book.

So why is Property Monitor a popular tool for property professionals?
It is a powerful tool for any agent, broker or other property professional to monitor properties of interest to them.

It monitors properties in your watch list for when they list, sell, or are put up for rent.

So how do you use it?
Firstly, ensure you have activated property monitor in your RP Professional homepage. Click on ‘customise home’:

Then turn on ‘Property Monitor – My Watch List’ and ‘Property Monitor – My Watch List Alerts’: 

Two panels will now be readily avialable to you on the front page, your watchlist and your watch list alerts. If you wish to receive alerts on a property when something happens to it (i.e. it is listed for sale, or placed on the rental market), you simply tag them.

How do you tag properties to add to your Watch List?
You can achieve this in two ways. If you want to set up multiple alerts at once, simply search for an area in RPP (say ‘Chapel Hill QLD’) and select the properties in the list before or after applying filters:

Alternatively, you can add a property within a properties details record once you have searched for it:

What happens once you add properties to your ‘Watch List’?
You will now get daily alerts in your alerts panel, as well as a weekly email of your alerts for all the properties in your watchlist that list, sell or are put up for rent:

Is there a limit to how many properties you can ‘watch’?
Yes. RP Data allow each user to add up to 40 alerts per month free, and then you have the option of paying for alerts (only when you need them). Alerts expire after 70 days. If you look at the market and what is happening that really means you can monitor about 2,000 properties per user before you can expect to get more than 40 alerts in a month.

This should be a great retention and acquisition tool – use it to keep an eye on your area and your customers!

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Property Monitor from RP Data on Vimeo.