Market estimates, backed by quality data

Leveraging the most comprehensive property data to determine an accurate estimate of the value of a property, CoreLogic offers a suite of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) to assist mortgage and real estate professionals streamline their workflow and portfolio management.

5 ways AutoVal helps your business

  1. Better loan application approval rates due to accurate and timely value estimates that enable pre-qualification of leads and understanding equity requirements
  2. Minimise financial risk by originating loans based on deep, up-to-date statistical data
  3. Determine equity quickly by assessing the estimated property value, and determining how much equity a potential buyer maintains in their property
  4. Improve your approval rates with accurate and timely information and pre-qualify your leads
  5. Determine the estimated value of dwellings to get a more accurate picture of current LVR within your mortgage portfolio

Read a white paper on the 'Best Practice Validation and Comparison for Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)' by Connected Analytics by clicking here.

Key Features

  • Estimated value
  • Forecast Standard Deviation
  • Property information & attributes
  • Previous sales history
  • Property imagery
  • Suburb statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

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