Obtain fast property estimates

Save time and effort by obtaining a valuation on an entire portfolio in bulk. The AVAT File can help determine current LVR for assessing portfolio risk and client equity to assist with targeted marketing of wealth creation solutions. AVAT File is delivered by secure file transfer protocol or disc. AVMS available with the AVAT files are AutoVal, FusionVal and Rental AVM. 

Boost sales

Access deep and timely data on suburbs across the country to help identify reinvestment and sale opportunities, and perform in-depth research to identify trends in market values. Tailor specific services to areas where they are required based on property values to increase speed and efficiency.

Leverage comprehensive property data

Have the confidence of leveraging comprehensive property data including information on the Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) and confidence score for each valuation estimate. Use AVAT File to drill down to a granular level of information unavailable with indices, including a property's previous sales history.