Agency Benchmark Reports

See how your agency ranks against competitors

Understand how your real estate agency is performing against competitors, where you rank, and how to grow in your market with our Agency Benchmark Reports.

4 ways Agency Benchmark Reports help your business

  1. See your business strengths. Understand where your business is strong and how far ahead of your competitors you are in sales, listings and rentals.
  1. Insights into top performers. Get insights into the best performing agents in your area – a great tool to help you identify potential staff.
  1. Understand your market spread. How big is the size of the property market where your agency is active and how spread out is your performance? The Agency Benchmark reports help you to understand your business focus.
  1. See how you can improve. Strong at sales and listings but weaker at rentals? Our success coaches can show you how to use RP Data Professional tools to improve your performance across sales, listings and rentals.
Key Features

Agency Benchmark Reports are available by postcode on a monthly basis. Features include:

  • Statistics that show how your agency ranks with your competitors across Sales, Listings and Rentals
  • The size of the market in the postcodes you operate in and who your major competitors are
  • An understanding of where you are making sales and whether that is strategically viable
  • Estimates of commissions available
  • Insights into the best individual agents in your area
  • Rich property management information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Agency Benchmark Reports?

Agency Benchmark Reports are available to individual real estate agencies as an add-on to your RP Data Professional subscription. State and National Benchmark Reports are available for franchise-wide analysis. Contact sales to order your report.

How are Agency Benchmark Reports delivered?

The Agency Benchmark reports are delivered by email monthly per postcode. Choose your primary postcode and add additional postcodes as required. If you choose multiple postcodes, you will receive an additional combined report of all your areas free as part of your purchase

Can I order by suburb?

Currently, we are only able to deliver Agency Benchmark Reports by postcode.

Where does the data for the Agency Benchmark Reports come from?

As part of CoreLogic’s data capture, we capture not only every property for sale on the market but we also identify as far as possible, the agents who are listed as the selling agent and identify how long properties are on the market – both from online and print sources. All of this data is captured in our Market Trends database and republished in the Agency Benchmark Reports. We also identify properties for rent through online and print listings.

For more information about our data, see our Data Promise.

I am not a real estate agent. Can I buy Agency Benchmark Reports?

Agency Benchmark Reports are only available to real estate agents within their postcode areas as a pdf report. For corporate access to our Market Trends database software, contact our friendly sales team.