Be the first to recognise opportunities created by zoning changes

Zoning and planning changes dramatically increase or decrease a property’s value. Blockbrief is an award winning platform that will alert you to zoning changes, and provide deep detail to give you first mover advantage.

3 ways Blockbrief can help your business

  1. Be the first to identify new opportunities – Receive alerts when zoning changes occur within councils across Australia to get the earliest possible notice that property is now worth buying, selling or developing. Receive alerts on individual properties that have been rezoned but not sold or which have development potential.
  2. Save money on analytics and research – Blockbrief alerts you when zoning changes occur from more than 500 councils and provides detailed information on the changes, removing the need to scroll through hundreds of websites to find your next opportunity. This will free up your analysts’ time for more valuable work.
  3. Manage risk – Keep up to date with ever changing planning controls across multiple councils. Quickly identify when zoning changes have made sites no longer viable so you can get them to market and reduce your exposure to poor investments.

Key Features

Blockbrief is dedicated to the planning expertise behind understanding zoning risk and opportunity, and has developed suite of powerful tools and methodologies to review and assess the impact of zoning on real estate, based on factors and data unique to each planning issue. 

  • Highlights individual properties and sites that:
    • Have been up-zoned and not subsequently sold
    • Are currently advertised for sale and the Blockbrief research team has identified there is development potential
  • Zoning Alerts – Tracks proposed and adopted zonings changes across Australia with information such as location, yield, applicant and description
  • Zoning Heat Maps – Measures the level of impact of a rezoning on the properties involved in the change and the surrounding market
  • Development Site Database – Provides a speculators guide of every valid land development opportunity within a city. Agents look for potential sales leads in their market and developers can look for sites available for development. Including Greenfield, Infill and vacant land.
  • Zone Guide – Allows users to quickly gain an appreciation on zone code meanings and implications
  • Zearch – Comprehensive interactive database of zoning maps, allowing you to search zonings across councils


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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are covered with Blockbrief?

Blockbrief currently covers more than 500 local government authorities in Australia. And we add more regularly. Click here to find a council.

Where do you get your data?

Blockbrief has a staff of urban planners and GIS analysts who conduct expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the most comprehensive database of Australian development uplift information. We source data from council policies, reports and strategies, state government (including media releases and minutes), state courts, urban planners and GIS analysts to deliver alerts and detailed data on:

  • Zoning changes
  • Properties identified for future development by local and state authorities
  • Property zoning information
  • Height and density changes
  • Planning permits and processing data
Planning information is available for free from councils. Why should I pay for it?

It’s possible to find zoning information by going direct to the council authority and some of it is freely available. To do this requires you to know where the zoning may have changed and which council to search. Across multiple areas, this can take hundreds of hours. The value of Blockbrief is that it compiles zoning information from more than 500 councils and alerts you to changes when they happen – you don’t have to hunt for them. This delivers a strong arbitrage opportunity giving you the best chance to be first to act and can save you significant time and money researching.

What awards has Blockbrief won?

Blockbrief won the Inman Incubator Class 2013 award and was named the No.1 app by the Planning Institute of Australia 2013. It was also recognized for innovation in Urban Development by UDIA 2012.

How do I buy Blockbrief?

Blockbrief is available as either a monthly subscription or annual fee. Call our sales team to receive a quote.