Identify new opportunities

Be one of the first to know when zoning changes occur within councils across Australia to get the earliest possible notice that a property is worth buying, selling or developing. Receive alerts on individual properties that have been rezoned but not sold, or that are currently advertised for sale and have development potential.


Manage risk

Keep on top of ever changing planning controls across multiple councils. Quickly identify when zoning changes make sites no longer viable to get them to market quicker and reduce your exposure to poor investments.

Power-up your research

Blockbrief alerts you when zoning changes occur from 500+ councils, with detailed information on the changes. This removes the need to search council websites to find you next opportunity, helping to save you valuable research time.

Blockbrief has a staff of urban planners and GIS analysts who conduct expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the most comprehensive database of Australian development uplift information. We source data from council policies, reports and strategies, state government (including media releases and minutes), state courts, urban planners and GIS analysts to deliver alerts and detailed data on: 

  • Zoning changes
  • Properties identified for future development by local and state authorities
  • Property zoning information
  • Height and density changes
  • Planning permits and processing data