Business Direct

Using data to build smart relationships

With Business Direct, you can identify and target your marketing to the prospects, customers and suppliers that matter most in your region. Our privacy compliant data helps you easily personalise your message and market more strategically and effectively. 

5 ways Business Direct helps your business

  1. Win more new business – narrow down your prospect field and personalise your marketing activities to improve your campaign response rates. 
  2. Accurate and up-to-date leads – create a customised list of prospects that meet your criteria so you can target, nurture and close prospects and customers.  
  3. Save time and money – target the right people by identifying prospects based on a number of different filter options, saving you time, effort and marketing costs by delivering your marketing messages directly to your niche market. 
  4. Get ahead of your competition – grow your business and market share by targeting the right people at the right time, with personalised marketing messages. 
  5. Data enrichment – verify and enhance your existing database to maximise sales effectiveness.

Build your list and get a quote now

Simply fill out our quote request form so our friendly sales team can help you create a customised list of prospects that meet your criteria. Once we have all the details on what you require, we will provide you with a quote based on the fields you want in your output and the type of data licence you need. 

View the complete data volume report here to see available data volumes and matrix counts across key business firmographics.
Download a data sample here*.

*Please note, the data sample is a visualisation of the type of data you will receive in your order. The file delivered to you may look different. 

Key Features

Business Direct is a legally compliant database that provides a comprehensive view of active trading businesses across Australia.

  • Data and information on 450,000+ active trading businesses.
  • Focuses on businesses the way they advertises themselves – not by their legal structure. 
  • Business level firmographics give you the ability to target prospects by a broad range of criteria including ANZSIC code, company type, number of employees, revenue, time in business, location, role and the decision maker category.
  • Physical business locations are matched with CoreLogic property data, which offers unique business segmentation opportunities by property attributes and events.
  • Available for one-off use through to unlimited use with a full data licence.
  • Support for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Monthly updates ensure the leads you receive are current. 
  • Output is available in .csv, .xls or tab delimited format, allowing you to easily export contacts for mail merge formatting or importing into your own CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Direct?

A legally compliant database of Australian businesses that includes key business attributes (business trading name, legal information, location details and decision-maker contact information) and business firmographics (ANZSIC code, number of employees, revenue/turnover, time in business and a franchise flag to indicate businesses operated under the franchise model) to support direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. 

How many records does Business Direct have?

Business Direct has approximately 450,000 business records, 500,000 location records and 250,000 contact records.

Does Business Direct only focus on businesses in the property industry?

No. Business Direct doesn’t focus on a specific industry, it offers data across a range of different industries.

How is Business Direct data delivered?

Business Direct data can be output to file formats including Excel, CSV and tab delimited, and it is delivered via a secure FTP.

Does Business Direct span across all business types, including Government?

Yes. All businesses are given a business type – private companies, public companies, clubs and organisations, and Government – right through to partnerships, sole traders and trusts.

How does Business Direct record volumes compare to others in market?

Business Direct focuses on active trading businesses (businesses that are actively engaged in the provision of goods and services to the market). Business Direct simplifies complex legal structures to create a single record per business. Counts of other providers may be inflated through a focus on legal entities versus trading businesses. For example, one trading business can have multiple associated legal entities, very often registered at the address of an accountant or solicitor's office.

Why use CoreLogic for my business data?

CoreLogic is the leader in property data and insights so providing data on the businesses that occupy property is a logical evolution in our suite of product offerings. Business  Direct is built and maintained by industry experts with decades of experience in business data and B2B marketing. CoreLogic can offer a solution that extends from business marketing to property and market level insights.

How is Business Direct priced?

For campaign list rental, pricing is based on a cost per record for direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing campaign types. The end price is influenced by single or multi use campaigns, whether the output is personalised and whether business firmographics and legal information is included. Full data licences are priced based on state or national level access.

Do I own the data I purchase?

No, the data is licenced. For campaign list rental, licencing options exist for once off use and multiple use. Full Data Licences (or EDLs) are available for 12 month periods and unlimited use.