Target Chinese speaking buyers

Engage with the Chinese speaking population in your area by incorporating Chinese Property Reports in your standard marketing collateral. Reports are translated into Chinese Simplified, the official written language of People’s Republic of China (Mainland China). It is also one of the official written languages in Singapore and Malaysia.


Chinese Property Reports contains valuable information to help buyers make informed investment decisions in Australian residential property. Each report includes: 

  • A property description panel that includes the property’s frontage photo, property attributes and an estimated value range with our confidence level in that value estimate.
  • A mix of external and internal property images as well as aerial and cadastral images
  • Up to five recent sales surrounding the subject property, each containing property attributes, a photo, sales price and date, and its distance from the subject property
  • A suburb statistics page that provides a macro overview of the suburb's sales activity including annual sales counts, and median monthly and yearly sales prices. 


The property data contained in each report is collected and stored in English while field labels have been translated into Chinese Simplified. Property market statistics, graphs, property descriptors, prices and dates are all designed to be readily understood by the reader. Click here to view a sample report. 


Sell off-the-plan developments

Describe and benchmark what surrounding sales look like and the price points that have been recently achieved to prospective Chinese speaking buyers to help them understand the value offered by your investment. 

Easy to access

Chinese Property Reports are an additional feature available inside RP Data Professional. They are available via monthly subscription, and you can subscribe from within your account. Simply select the Chinese Language Detailed Property Report from the Property Tasks panel or on a Property Detail Page and follow the prompts.