Identify performance improvement opportunities

Receive tailored presentation reports dedicated to your company’s specific issues. Businesses use Comparator insights to deliver at thought provoking and confidential presentations to senior executives. 

Improve productivity & efficiency

Comparator undertakes annual studies dedicated to the financial institutions major product divisions and distribution channels so you can track year-on-year changes to help improve productivity and efficiency. Studies use techniques for measurement, comparison and interpretation to offer detailed insights into overall business economics. Studies are highly confidential and not published publicly or made available to institutions that are not involved in the studies.

Gain insights

Comparator undertakes studies on a variety of retail banking and wealth management sector services. Insights into your target market and competitor activity can be delivered at thought provoking and confidential presentations to senior executives.


Retail banking and wealth management sector services include:

  • Home Loans
  • Mortgage Brokers and Aggregators
  • Financial Planning and Advised-based Services
  • Private Client Wealth Management
  • Investment Administration Platforms
  • Superannuation Funds
  • Life Insurance