Taking the guesswork out of property insurance

Help customers quickly and effortlessly get rebuild estimates for their homes

Cordell Sum Sure is a user-friendly online calculator that can help your customers get a sum insured value for their home quickly and effortlessly. If you are relying on the home purchase price or the original builder’s estimate, or if the last rebuild cost estimate is simply out-of-date, you need a rebuild cost calculator with estimates that reflect today’s reality.

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Streamline customer journey and internal processes through pre population of data and rebuild estimate

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A better customer experience

Cordell Sum Sure can cut the time to estimate a sum insured from minutes to seconds. For the majority of addresses, customers simply enter their address, review the information provided and fill in any gaps to get the sum insured value for their insurance. 

By empowering customers to easily calculate their own rebuild cost, it can help you to generate transparent, user-friendly quotes, reduce drop out and underinsurance at the point of claim – and may even lead to an increase in overall confidence in your home cover.

Quote and renew easily

Property attributes and rebuild cost estimates can be integrated via the Cordell Sum Sure API into your existing quote and renewal platforms or support marketing campaigns. That means it can help you to streamline the process of quoting on new policies and updating policy renewals, and get the benefit of consistent data across your entire business.

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Manage Risk

Data and insights to reduce underinsurance risk and better understand the properties you are underwriting.


Informed Estimates

With calculations created using market leading and granular Cordell building costings data, validated by surveyors, builders and insurers, you’re able to provide truly comprehensive rebuild costs that you can be confident include materials, labour, subcontracting costs, plant and equipment hire, and more.

Combat portfolio exposure

When it comes to insuring homes, a big risk for both you and your customers is underinsurance. Since labour and material costs increase and customers renovate their properties, the gap between real and stated rebuild costs widens over time. Cordell Sum Sure Portfolio Review helps you identify underinsurance across your portfolio so you know where to focus your efforts, helping to remove the risk of being caught short.

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