Property Related Data Points

New data points monthly

Available for Residential &
Commercial segments


Tailored to suit your business

Either on a one-off basis to add insights for a specific scenario, or to embed ongoing data into your core environment, we can help you to power your projects and gain greater insight into your business by combining your current datasets with customised data and our analytical expertise.

Understand your portfolio opportunity and mitigate risk

Knowing where business opportunities and risks are is critical to success. Use our data to help you understand your market position and identify where you’re exposed, so you can make smarter decisions and focus your efforts where you will deliver the best results.

Deliver better customer experience

Understanding your customers and delivering the experiences they expect has never been so critical. We can help you access comprehensive and timely information that may help you to better target, understand and retain your customers.

Grow your customer base

Monitor market segments of properties that match your growth profile, whether geographically or by specific property attribute so you can target and deliver timely messages to these potential future customers and capture new business at the right time.