Improve approval rates 

EVR is Australia’s only desktop valuation solution that integrates a panel of valuers, end-to-end billing and SLA management within your existing process. It has been designed with input from leading Australian lenders and valuation firms. It allows fast turnarounds of applications. This means you can provide borrowers a faster decision on their application.

Save time and money

Save up to $100 per report compared to a full valuation. Seamlessly convert unsuitable EVR orders to full valuations or cancellations, ensuring only eligible properties are assessed under the EVR system. If an unsuitable EVR converts to a full valuation, you will pay only for the full valuation.

Provide valuations with confidence

EVR is fully integrated with CoreLogic's leading property information and database. All assessments are completed by fully-qualified valuers who are experts in their local area, and are backed by dedicated onshore development resources, a helpdesk and a highly experienced panel management team. We manage the valuer training, policies and payments, and use your existing valuer panel to conduct assessments.