Greenfield Reports

Understand new house and land market conditions within development corridors

Greenfield Reports provide cost effective housing market insights for new builds within new greenfield corridors and sub-markets.

6 ways Greenfield reports help your business

  1. Remove development guesswork - Use data and analytics on the established housing market within growth corridors to base your decisions about what to build on hard facts about the types of property that is in demand and selling well.
  2. Create a winning price strategy – Greenfield reports help you identify the pricing sweet spots for new house and land product types to best compete with the established market.
  3. Deliver superior returns – Understand what different land sizes are achieving the highest rates per square metre within your catchment area.
  4. Drive faster and more profitable sales - Understand the types of housing that are selling the fastest and in the greatest volumes with the least amount of discounting within your catchment area so you can align your product to the market.
  5. Understand the supply and demand equation in your market – Identify the level of the supply/demand balance in your chosen corridor so you can deliver new housing developments of a type and time that will work to your advantage.
  6. Save money on analytics and research – Greenfield reports are the most affordable way to receive new housing corridor market insights and will free up your analysts’ time.
Key Features

Greenfields reports are a set of quarterly reports delivered via email in PDF format that outline the following data.

  • Settled sales history – houses vs land and by price band
  • Median sales price  - houses vs land and by price band
  • Price band distribution
  • Median land sales price & land sales activity
  • House sale volumes and median land sizes – by property attribute
  • House sales activity & sweet spot price guidance
  • Key established market health indicators
  • Listed for sale history
  • House for sale listing segments
  • Median asking price history and median asking price segments
  • Average vendor discounting – by quarter and by attribute
  • Average time on market – by quarter and by attribute
  • Median rental yield history – by quarter and by attribute

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are covered in the Greenfield reports?

Greenfield reports are available for 51 pre-determined national growth corridors and their relevant sub markets. These growth corridors are located in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA. To see a full list of corridors, click here.

Can you customise a Greenfield report for my business?

Yes, reports for customised areas can be provided however the cost will be determined on a consultative basis (please discuss this option with your CoreLogic sales representative.

What is a growth corridor?

A growth corridor generally represents a Local Government Area on the outer suburban fringes, or regional area, where new land sales and housing development is occurring.

How big are the reports?

Each report provides 16 pages of well designed, graphical and tabular content delivering strategic insights on key established housing market metrics and trends for individual growth corridors and their relevant sub markets.

What is a sub market?

A sub market is a series of postcodes or suburbs located within a growth corridor that contain different market drivers / metrics and consequently require some further, more specific analysis.

Can I buy a one-off report?

Yes, the reports are available as either a one off, or by subscription (four reports per annum).

Has CoreLogic created these reports on your own?

CoreLogic has partnered with Urban Supply Intelligence (USI) to deliver the Greenfield reports combining Australia’s largest provider of property information with USI’s intimate knowledge of the development sector.