Expertly advise your client

Featuring a value estimate range, confidence score, past sales of similar nearby properties and a suburb statistics snapshot, our AVMs contain the information to help you expertly advise your clients on the value of their property or portfolio.

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Decrease time & cost of valuations

Our value estimates can decrease the time and cost of valuations at all points throughout the lending life cycle. Use our AVM’s as an initial step in the loan origination process or to determine the estimated value of dwellings to get a more detailed picture of current LVR within your loan book.

Help to improve loan application approval rates with our timely and data-backed value estimates that enable pre-qualification of leads and understanding of equity requirements.

Win new business

An AVM report is a great document to provide to a potential client to show them your level of service and commitment to their business. Reports back up your selling and purchasing pricing recommendations through the use of trusted and verifiable data, giving clients confidence in your ability to manage their property.