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Have a content marketing strategy
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Reports in 15 Minutes
On average, Journobot can create 60 reports in 15 minutes

Create valuable, engaging content

Every business these days needs a content strategy but who has the time to write all that copy? Journobot creates unique articles for reports, emails, video and newsletters, along with visuals that you can quickly use on social media. Stories and reports are based on what you want to say about property in your market, delivered exactly the way you want it to look.

Journobot can recreate any InDesign template, giving you endless options on the design of your reports. The Journobot interface allows a nominated person to access and edit content, or Journobot can provide an ‘AAP-styled feed’ of raw stories or articles for use in your general marketing and content as a cut and paste option.

Connect with clients and prospects

Help your offices stay in touch with clients and target prospects by providing them with valuable information about how their unique market is performing. Reports can be customised with individual photos and contact details, or with special content that you supply. 

Deliver consistent marketing

The bigger your franchise, the more difficult it is to produce market reports and updates to a consistent standard across your group. Journobot takes the hard work out of delivering accurate, attractive and brand compliant marketing by turning CoreLogic data into beautiful reports, email newsletters, data visualisations, graphs and videos.


Unique reports

Journobot provides content that can be shared with your end customers or reports that can be delivered to your franchises. Every report is unique with the data mirroring your nominated territories, the design customised to your requirements and the language, sentences and syntaxes based on other marketing material you produce.

A Journobot output for 'Franchise Group A' will be completely different to an output for 'Franchise Group B'. However, the reports within an output for all franchise offices in 'Franchise Group A' will bear some similarity to each other. Journobot inserts data into sentences and determines the adjectives to describe the data based on data behaviour. 

For example, “The property market in (Balmain) has (grown) by (9.5%) over the past 12 months” and “The property market in (Scarborough) has (eased) by (-3.4%) over the past 12 months”.