How It Works

Lease Expiry Diary is a subscription product that gives you access to market leading CoreLogic data on commercial leasing across NSW and QLD capital city CBD markets. Tailor your Lease Expiry Diary package to cover the markets you are active in. 

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Lease Expiry Diary is used primarily by commercial agents but it can also beneficial to a variety of service providers who offer goods and services related to a premises occupied by a tenant. It allows you to identify tenants who are approaching the end of their lease period so you can prospect your services to them during their decision making period.

With contact details provided for each tenanted property, Lease Expiry Diary is a great tool for lead generation. Lease Expiry Diary provides great insights into the types and sizes of businesses that are operating in your CBD area. Pinpoint which tenants are approaching the end of their lease so you can engage with them at the time they are making decisions about their leasing requirements and target specific offers to them. 

Know market leasing profiles

Lease Expiry Diary captures leasing information for buildings in defined CBD locations across the office, retail and industrial sectors. By reviewing the lease expiry profile for a building you can determine the types of tenants occupying the property, the stability/risk of future rental cash flows and the timing of potential vacancy risk.

Data captured by Lease Expiry Diary includes:

  • Detailed Maps
  • Property Imagery
  • Building name and location
  • Registered lessee name
  • Tenant trading name
  • Suite/level details
  • Lease start date
  • Lease expiry date
  • Options detail
  • Contact details
  • Area leased*
  • Base and Current Rental*
  • Lease reviews*

*Limited to the Sydney CBD market.

Flexible searching and exporting

Lease Expiry Diary offers a number of ways to search for leases and flexible options to consume the data. Customise the data being displayed, hand pick the elements relevant to you and utilise the flexible exporting facilities so you can input data into your own contact management system.

The Lease Expiry Diary search engine allows searching across any combination of the data elements captured. This provides flexibility to target leases that represent opportunities based on identified criteria, such as leases expiring within a specified date range. Different search options make finding leases for individual properties quick and easy, while also providing the power to search across entire markets for leases that meet selected criteria.

Search options include:

  • Map search – search a detailed set of maps for each CBD area covered. This is an ideal way to search when you know the geographic location of the property you are looking for. 
  • Street index lookup – a quick and easy way to retrieve lease details of a property if you know the street address. 
  • Building name lookup – a quick and easy way to retrieve lease details of a property if you know the building name.

Increase in Targeting
Save time and money with targeted profiling
Total Leases
Over 58% of leases expiring within the next 5 years
New Leases
Based on yearly reporting