Engage customers and win more listings

Use our versatile pre-listings presentation app to connect with potential vendors and win more listings.

4 ways Lister helps your business

  1. Have more informed conversations.
    Provide vendors with information they need about competitive properties to their own to feel confident about the price they will achieve with you as their agent
  2. Present up-to-date market comparisons.
    Display integrated listings and sales to help vendors confidently decide on an appropriate listing price for their property
  3. Fast preparation.
    Create customised presentations in a matter of minutes for last minute appointments and always be prepared
  4. Follow up easily.
    Email a summary report directly to the vendor, straight from the app. You can even do it on the way home from the presentation to demonstrate your excellence in customer service.
Key Features

Lister is an engaging, interactive iPad presentation tool that helps real estate agents display relevant sales information in an effective and easy to understand way to your vendor.

  • Draws on CoreLogic's extensive database providing relevant, up-to-date data 
  • Graphs and slides to make the information easy to understand
  • User-friendly interface and tools
  • Ability to create reports on the fly and email them to your vendor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Lister?

Lister is free to download for RP Data Professional subscribers. Simply visit the Apple App Store and search for 'RP Lister'. Download the application to your iPad and use your RP Data Professional login and password to get started. If you’ve forgotten your password or login, just give our customer care team a call.

How much does Lister cost?

Nothing! Lister is free for existing RP Data Professional subscribers. You just need to go to the App store to download it.

Is Lister the same as the iPad app?

No. Lister is one of our earlier apps. It is designed specifically to run a client through a vendor listing presentation and engage your vendor in a conversation around price with information you have preloaded. The RP Data Professional iPad app is a second app that gives you access to more of the standard features of RP Data Professional. It is also free for existing subscribes. Both apps are useful for different purposes.