Become the local expert

Enhanced mapping features in RP Data Professional are great tools for researching an area and target properties. Learn to recognise key mapping features such as contours, council boundaries and easements so you have a clear picture of a property’s location. Be able to answer questions such as “How far is the property from the closets shop/school/train station/main road?”


Use measurement tools to confirm a property’s area and measure the distance from key suburb features. 

The Property Data layer shows Land Area, Last Sales Price and Date, Street Number, Lot Plan, Land Use and Owner Name (where available). 

The Sales Themes layer will shade the parcels that have sold within specific timeframes.

The Listing Themes layer will shade the parcels that have been listed on the market for sale or rent within specific timeframes.

The Target Property layer shows the parcel dimensions for the target property.

The Area Research layer allows you to see easements, contours and suburb and local government area boundaries (where available). 

Visualise your market

Use layers such as Sales Themes and Listing Themes to quickly see the market context for your target property. Toggle between Google aerial imagery and CoreLogic imagery to select the highest resolution or most current image that suits your needs. Google aerial imagery allows you to zoom out further to get a full view of large rural properties or larger views of suburbs and regions.

Advanced mapping technology creates visual representations of targeted locations, helping you to:

  • Determine hot spots in your area
  • Demonstrate your local expertise
  • Measure property boundaries
  • Show distances to local amenities
  • Spot property features like pools, sheds or common boundaries
  • Present aerial and cadastral maps to customers

Demonstrate your knowledge

Maps and their layers can be exported for your own records or to use in presentations and reports. Downloading a map image will also include any data layers that are turned on, as well as any drawings in the current view.