Market Scorecard

Analytics to deliver insights on sales performance

Market Scorecard is a reporting tool for real estate agents delivering the ability to analyse office and agent performance. Create benchmarks by franchise, office and sales agent performance by comparing their market share of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports, listings and sales to the broader market.

How Market Scorecard helps your business

  1. Measure sales performance - Review your team's performance to determine both high and low performers, and identify areas where training is required.
  2. Identify opportunities - Locate new market opportunities and spot areas with high pre-listing activity, highlighting churn areas and future opportunities.
  3. Target your marketing - Monitor listing activity in property hotspots to direct marketing campaigns that support your agents, or identify strongly performing agents to bring into your business.
  4. Assess your competitive position - Identify your main threats and lost opportunities at a granular level. You can establish strategic partnerships by pinpointing agencies with strong market share
Key Features

Market Scorecard is reporting tool to help you measure your team's effectiveness:

  • View your market share nationally, by state, suburb, postcode or custom territory
  • Access franchise group level reporting and agency level reporting
  • Analyse by a range of behaviours including CMA activity, listing activity, sales activity
  • Export data easily into your own CRM or analytic systems.
  • Analysis and mapping tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Market Scorecard suitable for?

Market Scorecard is ideal for real estate franchisors, real estate franchisees, and business development managers who need to understand and analyse their business and sales performance and have an understanding of analytical software programs.

How do I get Market Scorecard?

Market Scorecard is sold on fixed terms at rates based on the number of offices being monitored. Discounts are available on long-term contracts.

I just want to get information about one or two real estate offices. Is Market Scorecard the only product you have?

For small, individual office use, you may be better using our Agency Benchmark Reports. These reports use data from Market Scorecard but deliver it in an easy to consume monthly PDF visual via email.

Where does the data in Market Scorecard come from?

CoreLogic captures data from more than 600 sources, including feeds from real estate portals, franchise feeds and even keying in detailed data from real estate sections of newspapers and magazines, which includes the listed sales agent. This allows us to analyse the market not just from a property viewpoint, but to also understand sales agent behaviour. For more information about our Data Promise, click here.