Measure sales performance

Review your team's performance to determine high and low performers and identify training needs.


The following are ways Market Scorecard helps you to measure your team's effectiveness:

  • View your market share nationally, by state, suburb, postcode or custom territory
  • Access franchise group and agency level reporting within your organisation
  • Analyse a range of behaviours including CMA activity, listing activity, sales activity
  • Export data easily into your own CRM or analytic systems

Identify opportunities

Market Scorecard helps you locate new market opportunities and spot areas with high pre-listing activity, highlighting churn areas and future opportunities. 

Target your marketing

Monitor listing activity in property hotspots to direct marketing campaigns that support your agents, or identify strongly performing agents to bring into your business. 


Assess your competitive position

Identify your main threats and lost opportunities at a granular level. You can establish strategic partnerships by pinpointing agencies with strong market share.