Implement more effective marketing strategies

Marketing Direct

Target potential listings more efficiently by turning RP Data into a direct marketing tool with the Marketing Direct add-on. Use privacy compliant data to personalise your direct marketing activity.





Secure more appraisals

Increase your hit rate by approaching those owners most likely to list.


Save time

Save time by eliminating the need for unproductive cold calls.


Strategically target vendors

Create more targeted lists for direct mail, targeted doorknock or phone campaigns.

Make the most of privacy compliant data

The data available in many databases has not been confirmed as privacy compliant. Consequently, you could incur severe penalties when using any personal details for direct marketing. With Marketing Direct, however, you’ll have access to privacy compliant data that will allow you to access personalised address details that could dramatically increase the response rates from your direct mail campaigns. In addition, you’ll also have details enabling you to call all those who have not signed onto the Do Not Call register. 





Identify those properties most likely to list

In conjunction with RP Data, Marketing Direct can help you target properties with a much higher propensity to list. Increase your chances of securing appraisals or sales by seeking out withdrawn or stale listings, or properties purchased within time frames that strongly indicate when the owners might list according to that region’s market trends.

Conduct more targeted marketing campaigns

Whether you choose to call, use personalised direct mail or to conduct targeted door knocking campaigns, the additional data available to you through Marketing direct will allow you to select your target audience with greater accuracy. The right data can provide the insight you need to help you distinguish between those who are likely to list or not, based on certain attributes, or those who are likely to be tenants or owner occupiers. 



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