Marketing Direct - privacy compliant mailing lists

Target your marketing to save dollars and generate more leads

With Marketing Direct you can cut the costs of your letterbox marketing and increase your success rate.  Our privacy compliant data helps you easily personalise your message to home owners and tenants and market more strategically and effectively.

4 Ways Marketing Direct helps your business

  1. Increase campaign response rates - Personalise your marketing material with the name and address of the person you are targeting and information that is directly relevant to their circumstances. We also advise if occupants are able to be called by phone.
  2. Save marketing costs - Reduce the wastage of paying to print and deliver thousands of flyers when you can get the same result from delivering to a more targeted niche.
  3. Tailor your messaging - Quickly filter data according to property type or occupant type or length of time in the property to ensure messages are relevant, appropriate and able to cut through.
  4. Win more business – Our modelling identifies using Marketing Direct will help you win at least one more listing per quarter through a more targeted marketing approach.

Key Features

Marketing Direct is a legally compliant database that overlays contact details of occupants on top of Australia’s most powerful property database.

  • Export contacts for mail merge formatting, or import into your CRM.
  • Filters to tailor your marketing by features such as property type, suburb(s), bedrooms, bathrooms.
  • Filters to tailor your marketing by occupant type and rental status (likely rental, maybe rental or unlikely rental).
  • Filter according to your own personal territory.

Help when you need it

Access our Customer Success Centre to help you get the most out of your subscription to meet the challenges and opportunities your business faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Marketing Direct?

Marketing Direct is available as an add-on to your RP Data Professional subscription for a small additional fee. Contact our sales team here.

Can you give me an example of how I can use Marketing Direct effectively?

For home services: Use the On the Market tab of RP Data Professional to identify properties that are now for sale, and then target moving services to them with personally addressed correspondence using Marketing Direct.

For mortgage brokers and financial clients: Use length of ownership filters to identify if home owners are likely to be in the market to refinance.

For agents: Say you have just sold a 4 bedroom home in your area for a record price. Demand was high for this property and you have a list of eager home buyers on your books. The average time of ownership in your suburb is 8 years. Rather than printing 1000 flyers to letterbox drop homes with a “To the Householder”, to win an extra listing, you can create a list of 4 bedroom homeowners (say there are 250) who have owned their property for 8 years or more and send it to them in personally addressed mail – a much more powerful way to demonstrate that you really know your market.


Why can’t I just use the ownership details in RP Data Professional?

Government agencies, which operate under extremely strict privacy legislation, are one of the primary sources of data within RP Data Professional. It is a breach of the user licence to use this data for marketing materials. Strict penalties apply (and yes, we do monitor usage). The benefit of the Marketing Direct overlay is that it also provides contact details (where known) and the ability to filter by occupant type. Read more about privacy obligations here.


Can I target landlords with this data?

Our Marketing Direct data is strongest with owner occupier and renters. However, importing the data into your own CRM may allow you to better target landlords or investors.


“What I like is CoreLogic's additional features like Marketing Direct, which allows you to find property owners or tenants to be able to track individuals down to do active strategies.”
Gina Neoh, Coach & Strategist, NeoChats on Property

“I just wanted to let you know that I have had some great success with Marketing Direct. It has already landed me two appraisals, one of which has ended up in a listing for us. So thanks!”
Shaynnon Hagger, Sales Representative, Bourkes, WA

“Marketing Direct helps me maintain all my direct marketing needs. I can now export from each area that I’m focusing on, and set up a mail merge in under five minutes. This leaves me plenty of time to get out there and get them delivered. The data comes out nicely formatted, and works straight after an export.”
Thomas Meier, Property Consultant, Professionals Michael Johnson & Co, WA