Media Maximiser

Advertise properties more effectively

Media Maximiser helps real estate agents identify the most effective way to advertise a property for sale. Using independent data, it is based on robust statistics across thousands of properties.

4 ways Media Maximiser helps your business

  1. Remove guesswork - Use hard facts, not anecdotal evidence or past experience to determine the best advertising campaign.
  2. Sell more vendor-paid advertising - Show vendors data-based evidence about the value of your marketing campaign so they are more willing to accept your recommendations.
  3. Help vendors with marketing choices - Assist vendors identify which marketing method will result in the fastest sale or highest price.
  4. Stand out from the competition - Include Media Maximiser in CMA reports you give to vendors for a more professional and thorough presentation.
Key Features

Media Maximiser is an independent data set based on statistically robust evidence. It identifies:

  • The most popular forms of advertising for houses and units
  • Property type and price bracket
  • Success rates (what proportion of properties resulted in a successful sale)
  • Average time on market
  • Final sales price
  • Compares the figures achieved by print and online, to online only.

View a sample report

To view a sample PDF report click here.

Putting a media spin on property data 

Eliza Goetze talks with General Manager Technology at CoreLogic, Greg Dickason.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data come from?

The data is compiled by Core Logic through our data feeds with online websites, and our data entry team who key in every print advertising listing in the country. This is done daily.

How reliable is the data?

Over the past two years, we have captured details of more than 850,000 properties listed for sale ensuring the data has the highest possible statistical reliability.

Does it include auctions?

Yes, Media Maximiser calculates auctions in the dataset. It uses either the price guide, or the price bracket where the property is originally listed online to identify a starting price.

How often does the data change?

The Media Maximiser data is compiled monthly on a rolling 12 month basis.

How do I get Media Maximiser?

Media Maximiser is available as an add-on to your RP Data Professional subscription in key capital.