Build your social presence

SmartAds is a social media plugin associated your account that allows you to automatically post listings and recent sales to your Facebook page to generate leads, share successes and enhance your reputation.

We leverage traffic and combine it with Facebook’s profiling algorithms to create targeted “look-alike” audiences that are customised for each specific listing on our site. There is no fee to have your listings appear on your Facebook feed, however there is a fee to generate leads via SmartAds.

To start listing on, register here.

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Easy to use

Once you start sending your listings to, SmartAds automatically prepares draft Facebook ads with the best photo and recommended text with optimised settings. You also have the ability to change the image and/or text so you have complete control over what you are posting.

Key features:

  • Facebook posts are drafted automatically and sent to you to confirm and publish
  • The best photo and text is recommended for each posting
  • Facebook displays your listing to an audience of people who look like the people viewing your listing on
  • Our Facebook listing ads score very highly on Facebook’s relevancy score demonstrating that we target our ads to relevant and engaged audiences
  • Great as a pre-portal-listing campaign
  • Purchase a Targeted Marketing Campaign to accompany your listing or recent sale on Facebook


For more information, read About SmartAds.