Be the local expert

Property Monitor is a great tool to help you stay informed on the activity in your local market. Add your entire patch to your Watch List so you receive alerts when any of these properties are listed for sale, for rent or sold. This also allows you to quickly and easily answer any questions about what is going on in your area.


Property Monitor alerts are linked to the properties saved in your Watch List. Each day, you will be able to see if any of your saved properties have been listed for sale, for rent or sold from your homepage. You will also receive a weekly email each Sunday to advise how many alerts you have received in the past week. 

Win new business

Add properties in your area to your Watch List so you can market directly to homeowners who have listed their property for sale or recently sold. When people buy, sell and move house, they are more likely to review utility providers such as internet provider, phone line, electricity and gas. Use Territory Builder to define your patch and add these properties to your Watch List. 

Improve customer retention

Add your clients’ addresses to your Watch List so you can reach out to them when their property is listed for sale, for rent or sold.