Be informed

Identify the suppliers that operate in your area, the services offered, prices and customer ratings to help you make a decision that best suits your need. 

Save money

Initial sign up to Property Register is free – there is no charge to access or update the service. The service gives you the option to purchase existing reports in Property Register, which can save you the cost of having to acquire a brand new report and can help you save money. Register your interest now and stay informed of future developments.  

Property reports anywhere, anytime

Property Register provides access to the property inspections marketplace in one easy-to-use website that you can access on your desktop or mobile phone, making it easy to find a list of reports you can share with your clients and saving hours of searching for individual reports and suppliers. 

Identify defects or safety hazards 

Many property inspections uncover major defects and can identify safety hazards. Don't put your family at risk by forgoing the inspection process or getting inferior reports.