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Effectiveness using Q.Segments
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Target your message

Q.Segments allows agents to target specific types of people based on their consumer purchasing behaviour, lifestyle and interests, current property attributes and more. This enables agents to market their business or a particular property to the right audience– resulting in higher relevance, reductions in wasted media budget and increased conversions.

Quantium is a global leader in the application of analytics to solve business problems, particularly in growing sales through data-rich customer insights and targeted advertising. Quantium has partnered with Facebook, as a media activation channel, and created more than 300 segments (Q.Segments) to help clients target the specific types of people that they want to talk to on Facebook.

Reach niche audiences

Reach people based on specific property insights and target your messages on Facebook more accurately. Reach consumers in other areas that have a similar profile to those who might want to purchase in your area.

Not only can you target people based on certain age groups and location on Facebook with your ads, Q.Segments allows you to drill down further and target people based on attributes such as dwelling type, property value, the number of bedrooms in the house, how long the property has been owned for, if the property has a pool or if the household has pets.

Charge up your content marketing

Use Q.Segments to boost posts to reach the people most likely to find your information relevant based on their location, property ownership status and other consumer transactional behaviours. This helps drive traffic to your website where you can build your contact database so you can market to them in the future.

Free to setup

Q.Segments is FREE to set up. CoreLogic is proud to be a foundation partner of Quantium Q.Segments and in turn, Quantium are partners with Facebook working to make Facebook advertising more effective in Australia.

Get your Facebook business account whitelisted here. After you have been whitelisted, Q.Segments will be available in your Ads Manager and Power Editor under the “More Categories” section of Detailed Targeting. They are not accessible via the Boost Post Facebook ad interface.

For further information, step-by-step instructions and a view of property related segments available, download the Q.Segments Guide here.