Help home buyers and owners estimate renovation costs

Renovation Calculator can help you target prospects and non-home loan clients considering renovation as part of home purchasing and renovating cycle.

Grow your balance sheet through lead generation

Engaging with your website visitors that are doing a renovation research may help identify new qualified leads for your business.

Renovators – A key and growing home loan market segment

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the value of alterations and additions to residential buildings totalled $2.2 billion in March 2019, up almost 1% (+0.8%) compared with the same quarter a year ago.

Easily customisable UI

We can host and customise the Renovation Calculator UI for you, with customisation options available to allow the solution to look more on brand for your business.  Relatively quick and easy integration as the solution will be launched to customers via a URL link contained in our clients’ applications or campaigns.

Lead capture

Renovation CalculatorUI can capture user details before or after the renovation estimate is displayed.  Daily lead delivery provided to your staff to enable timely follow up with users.







API version available

Option to integrate with your existing ecosystem, allowing you to fine tune the experience and do more extensive customisation in your applications than the UI option hosted by CoreLogic.

Costing data expertise

Our renovation prices are based on actual product prices sourced from suppliers in Australia with the exception of a small number of costs calculated by estimators. Our renovation costings are built from first principles estimating using labour constants, material costs and plant requirements. You can think of it as virtual building with every component or action used in real life replicated in our database using researched costs and quantification by experienced professional estimators.

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