New Rental AVM estimates generated every week
Over %
of residential properties within Australia
sub models
driving optimum estimated rental value calculation

Assist in guiding investment expectations

Our rental AVM is also available in a PDF report format, providing you with an easy to understand residential property report that includes the rental estimate and guide to value range, rental yield, property rental history, local rental properties on the market, and suburb market trends.

Understand your portfolio

By analysing rental AVM information against your property portfolio you have a better understanding of serviceability, both at the time of origination and as market conditions, and your customers’ circumstances, change over time.

Demonstrate expertise

A rental AVM report is a valuable document to provide to a potential client to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and commitment to their interests.  The reports can back up your decisioning and recommendations on the estimated rental value that can be achieved for a property, giving clients confidence in your ability to manage their property.