Demonstrate rental potential

Delivering a professional report that explains rental estimates can allow potential buyers to make a decision to purchase with confidence and position you to win their property management business. Each report includes an estimated weekly rent figure and a confidence level for that figure.

Win new business

A Rental AVM report is a great document to provide to a potential client to show them your level of service and commitment to their business. The report backs up your rent recommendations through the use of trusted and verifiable data, giving landlords confidence in your ability to manage their property.

Deliver excellent service

Creating a Rental AVM for your existing clients signals that you are basing your recommendations in your annual rent review on the latest independent market information, not your opinion, and keeping an eye on their best interests.

The market information in the report includes:

  • Rental yield figure based on the current estimated sale price of the property.
  • Comparable properties with similar features and land size that have been advertised for rent recently.
  • Suburb insights including median rents, rental growth changes and extensive median sale price information.