RP Data Professional: Signature Reports

Create beautiful, modern CMAs and reports for appraisals and prospecting

Signature Reports platform is a powerful new tool to help you to create beautiful looking, modern reports for your Comparative Market Analysis, Comparable Sales Reports and Statements of Information - so you can stand out against competitors and provide great service to your vendors and clients. Signature is available with all RP Data Professional subscriptions, free of charge.

5 ways Signature Reports helps grow your business

  1. Win Listings by telling your story – Produce branded CMAs and reports with customised content to help you stand out and tell your story to prospects and vendors.
  2. Save time and effort – Easily create reports to use for quick appraisals and prospecting with vendors who aren’t ready to sell just yet. Save your valuable time for creating full CMAs for your hot leads.
  3. Keep your database informed Send customised reports to your CRM database on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. 
  4. Engage with your customers Produce a beautiful, branded report to help customers and prospects understand the value of their property or a property they intend to purchase.
  5. Auction guides – Comparable Sales Reports are perfect reports to give buyers price indications so they can make their own assessment of suitable bids based on comparable sales.
Key Features

The new, modern framework makes creating reports fast and easy and the reports include modern styling for creating a beautiful looking report. Features of the platform include: 

Stay Compliant

  • With the Signature Dashboard, all reports you create are saved in our secure cloud for safe-keeping. You can access your history at any time – keeping you compliant and making it easier for you to download, review and share reports.
  • For Victorian properties, Signature also allows you to create Statement of Information reports to keep you compliant with new Victorian legislation. 
  • Preview the report instantly in your browser.

Choose the right Comparable Properties for your report

  • Easy filtering helps you choose and add the right comparable sales and comparable listings to your reports.
  • The detailed view of each comparable property allows you to view all photos, the listing description, days on market, price discounting and more without leaving the Signature platform.
  • Add your own comparable sale to a report, even if it’s not within the criteria you used for searching.

Present Accurate Photos and Data

  • Our data covers 98% of the market, goes back more than 39 years and is constantly refreshed to ensure you have the most accurate and reliable property information in your reports.
  • Upload your own photos to include on your report cover page.
  • Update target property attributes (bed, bath, car, land area and floor area) to include in your report.

Tell your story

  • Customise report and page titles, add an indicative selling price and include any notes to tell your unique story to a vendor or client.
  • Changes are saved to your template and will flow through to the next report you create.
  • Reports will include your agency logo on every page, as well as your photo and contact details on the cover page. 
Types of Signature Reports

There are currently three types of reports available:

1. Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) Report

The CMA helps thousands of agents and brokers win new business by demonstrating their market knowledge and expertise. The CMA is a customisable and professional report you can provide prospects and clients. 

This new, beta CMA includes all the sections you need for a basic CMA Report including Cover Page, Target Property Page, Comparable Sales and Listings, and a Summary Page where you can include an indicative selling price and any notes for your vendor. Download a sample report here



2. Comparable Sales Report

The Comparable Sales Report is a concise snapshot, built specifically to only provide the information you need. It includes a Cover Page, Target Property section and the Comparable Sales section, designed to save you time when you need a report for appraisals, prospects or tyre-kickers. Download a sample report here



3. Statement of Information Report

This one-page report is available for Victorian properties, complete with the median sale price for the suburb and the relevant disclaimers – helping ensure you remain compliant. In a few simple steps, you can enter the indicative selling price, choose comparable sales and download the PDF for emailing or printing. Read more here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Signature Reports?

To access Signature Reports, click on the Signature icon (Comparable Sales Report) on the Activities panel on you homepage pf your RP Data Professional account or from the Property Tasks section on any Property Detail page.

Can I customise the report?

Basic customisation is available for the CMA and Comparable Sales Report. You can upload a new property photo for the cover page and you can modify the titles for each of the pages. You can also choose to include an Appraisal Price Range and any notes. Your changes are saved to your template so you don’t need to change them again for the next report you create.

More customisation and branding options are coming soon. We would love your feedback on what you would like to customise, add or change in the report. Email your feedback here or get in touch via our Ideas Forum.

Can I add additional sections to the report?

Not at this stage, but this is a feature that will be coming soon. Planned features for the Signature Reports platform include new sections and the ability to create your own custom templates and reports. Help us prioritise what we build next by emailing your feedback here or voting for your favourite ideas in our Ideas Forum.


“This is great, I’ll be able to use this to send quarterly reports to cold leads in my CRM database”
Jessica Taylor, South Coast Lifestyle Property, NSW

“I’ll be able to use this for the quick appraisals for vendors who have no intention of selling yet.”
John Barnett, Ray White, Bundamba, QLD