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Developed specifically to get you more appraisal and sales opportunities from less conversations, SmartList combines property, market and consumer data to help identify properties that are more likely to be listed and sold - and it is now available at postcode level.

5 ways SmartList can help you grow your business:

  1. Make more money - Convert up to 5 TIMES the number of listings as cold calling.
  2. Save time - Use the time you save to contact more SmartList homeowners, compounding your income growth.
  3. Build future income - A further 10% of conversations that do not list in the short term result in longer-term sales opportunities.
  4. Increase your market share - With data exclusivity guaranteed by region, your competitors won’t have the same ability to target homeowners.
  5. Speak to the right people - By appending available marketing compliant contact information, SmartList allows you to talk to the decision makers who will drive your business.

Key Features
  • SmartList delivers information on properties likely to list within the next 3 months, allowing for immediate action and quick results
  • SmartList is a data driven, analytical solution that helps identify patterns of specific property and market data that are predictive of listings. It provides you with a list of addresses that are indicative of a vendor listing for sale and ranks those addresses according to how likely they are to sell by region.
  • SmartList is easy to execute - we provide you with a list of ranked prospects for an immediate start.
  • The data is marketing compliant - so you can be confident it’s good to go.
  • Use SmartList across multiple channels - calls, personalised direct mail, focused door knocking, consolidating with other sources to identify ‘hot’ prospects.
  • SmartList is now delivered at a postcode level.

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