How It Works

SmartMove is an addon available within RP Data Professional. Click 'Get SmartMove' to submit an enquiry or follow the steps below to add it to your existing account.

SmartMove Addon Location
Log into RP Data Professional
Log in using your company's admin account
View the Property Task Pane
In RP Data Professional, go to a page where the property task pane is shown. E.g. Property Details
Find the SmartMove Icon
As shown above, you will find a greyed out SmartMove icon in the property task pane
Click 'Subscribe Now'
Once completed, you can begin generating SmartMove reports for all available suburbs!

Understand suburb migration

SmartMove can help Real Estate Agents gain a better understanding of a suburb's migration statistics and help them to track changes on an ongoing basis. It highlights the main areas people are moving into the suburb from, what age brackets the movers fall into and what characteristics movers are more and less likely to demonstrate.


SmartMove migration information can help Agents better target the right potential buyers to help sell a property, demonstrate expertise and win more listings. Click here to view a sample report

How SmartMove can help Agents

  • Better understanding how to market each property has the potential to increase interest and competition for the property, and can ultimately help achieve an optimum price point
  • Effective targeting can help reach passive owners and provide motivation to transact
  • Drive interest in each property to help optimise the outcome for the vendor
  • Use the report to guide conversations with vendors and vendors-to-be around where likely buyers will come from
  • Drive vendor perception in terms of point of differentiation and local area expertise
  • Knowing the age profile and characteristics of people moving into a suburb can help drive decisions on the type of marketing/advertising used and the way a property is staged during a selling campaign

SmartMove Data: 

  • Understand where people are moving in to the suburb from
  • Understand the mover age profile – what demographic is moving in
  • Understand the characteristics of people moving in – what are they more or less likely to be in terms of behaviours and interests?

SmartMove Contains:

  • Top three suburbs people are moving into the suburb from 
  • 5 band age profile for people moving into the suburb
  • Top two mover characteristics of people moving into the suburb
  • Bottom two mover characteristics of people moving into the suburb

Target your marketing

SmartMove can help Agents target their marketing to the right audience by understanding the demographics and characteristics of the people moving into a suburb. Having this information can help Agents make decisions on how to market and stage a property for sale, to ensure it is most relevant to potential buyers.

SmartMove can also be used as a conversation starter and to demonstrate an Agent's local expertise when pitching their business to potential vendors. 

How SmartMove can help drive your marketing and targeting

Effective targeting will assist with vendor perception, which may result in cost benefits in terms of marketing.

  • Use the age profile to understand whether to target print or digital advertising
  • Use the mover characteristics and regions to tailor your Facebook targeting campaigns
  • Use the migration suburb information to help understand the best areas to letterbox drop for a property
  • Use the information provided to wash against your CRM and identify clients and prospects who match the profile of a property you have for sale


Identify key mover characteristics

Each SmartMove report includes the top two and bottom two characteristics of people moving into the specified suburb. This information can help Agents understand the key interests of the people moving into the suburb, which can help drive decisions on marketing and property staging. 

Click here to view the 33 mover characteristics that could appear in your SmartMove report.


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